Second Try for Delaware County Jail Project Bond Issue Possible

del jailWill the Delaware County Jail project end up on the ballot for a second try next year? Delaware County Sheriff John LeClere says it’s possible. A four-point-nine million dollar bond issue to renovate and expand the jail and Sheriff’s Office failed last month. A 60-percent supermajority needed to pass the bond issue fell just short, with 57-percent of Delaware County voters supporting it. LeClere says getting that close to the supermajority on the first try is very encouraging. The County Board of Supervisors will decide whether or not to try the bond issue a second time. And after talking to board members, LeClere believes they are considering a special election this spring.

In the meantime, the Delaware County Jail has problems that can not wait. Sheriff LeClere says they’re currently working on a solution for mechanical issues with the jail cell doors. The doors are no longer reliable and some doors actually open when they others are selected to open instead. Repairing the system could cost around 48-thousand dollars. LeClere says if the jail project had been approved by voters, that style of door would have likely been replaced, which could have eliminated the cost to repair it. The County is also considering options to address the security issues noted in the state jail inspector’s report.