Ernst to Serve on Ag Committee in U.S. Senate

ERNST VISITSenator-elect Joni Ernst will serve on the Senate Ag Committee, as well as three other committees in the U.S. Senate, after she’s sworn into office next month. Retiring Senator Tom Harkin has had a seat on the Senate Ag Committee and did two stints as its chairman during his 30 year tenure in the senate and Ernst has learned she will serve on the Ag Committee as well. Ernst, who is a lieutenant colonel in the Iowa National Guard, will also be a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Republican leadership have also assigned her to serve on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  Her fourth committee assignment is on the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee. Ernst released a statement saying all of these committees are of “major importance to Iowans” and will have an impact on “Iowans’ everyday lives.” Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is also a member of the Senate Ag Committee. Grassley will continue on the Senate Finance Committee, which he led when Republicans held majority control of the senate. He’ll be chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2015.