West Union Brothers Charged with Running Criminal Network

Two West Union brothers have been arrested for running a criminal network. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office says after a month long investigation, 24-year old Alexander Jans and 33-year old Adam Jans were charged with ongoing criminal conduct. Authorities say the brothers were investigated for running a criminal network that consisted of possessing and selling illegal controlled substances with the collection of U.S. currency for the sale of controlled substance. While Alexander Jans was in custody at the Fayette County Jail, investigators recorded several calls regarding the two brothers taking property, money, official documents and forge for financial gain. Adam Jans posted his 50-thousand dollars cash bond and will appear in court at a later date. Alexander Jans remains in custody on 300-thousand dollars cash bond for drug-related crimes. If convicted, both men could serve up to 50 years in prison. (Photos courtesy of Fayette County Sheriff’s Office)