Senator Zumbach Entering Second Half of Freshman Term

danState Senator Dan Zumbach is preparing to head back to Des Moines for the legislative session. The Republican from Ryan will begin the second half of his four-year freshman term when the session starts on Monday. Zumbach says it’s been quite an experience so far – and something he never thought he’d do.

Zumbach Third 1

Zumbach campaigned by knocking on 10-thousand doors leading up to the election in 2012. He says he learned a lot about the area during that time and encountered a few moments that took him by surprise.

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He says of those 10-thousand doors he knocked on, only two people gave him the cold shoulder.

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After winning a close election, it was onto the state capitol. Zumbach says it’s been a learning process, especially his first year. And he says the job definitely comes with its share of challenges.

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Zumbach says one of the rewards of being a legislator is being able to resolve problems between individuals or groups before going through the legislative bill-writing process.

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The opportunity to be a State Senator is something Zumbach doesn’t take for granted.

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Zumbach encourages his constituents in Delaware, Dubuque, Buchanan and Jones counties to contact him with questions, ideas or feedback. And if you’re ever in the Des Moines area during the session, he invites you to visit him at the state capitol.