Significant Progress on Manchester Whitewater Park Project

It may be winter, but progress is moving right along on the Manchester Whitewater Park project. Taylor Construction started work on the one-point-eight million dollar project this fall, with crowds lining the Maquoketa River to watch the project slowly take shape. Crews have modified the Marion Street Dam and are adding several in-stream structures to create play areas along the river. The bottom-end Structure Six has been the first to go in as crews work from the bottom up. Whitewater Park Committee Co-Chair Ryan Wicks says they were even able to do a test run a few weeks ago.

WW January 1

Work has also been done on the bank of the river. Wicks says crews should be back by February to continue their work on the project. They’re still aiming for a completion date of late May, with a grand opening set for the weekend of June 20th.

WW January 2

You can stay up to date with progress on the Manchester Whitewater Park by checking out their Facebook page.

WW January 3

Manchester’s Whitewater Park is one piece of a plan to improve and conserve the upper Maquoketa River corridor from Backbone State Park to Lake Delhi. Other features under consideration are redeveloping the riverfront through Manchester, improvements to habitat, developing a water trail with improved access and signing, and developing a multi-use recreation trail connecting Manchester to the State Trout Hatchery east of town. (Photos courtesy of Manchester Whitewater Park Facebook page)