Manchester Water and Sewer Rates Increasing Next Fiscal Year

faucetManchester’s budget for next fiscal year includes an increase to the city’s water and sewer rates. The base water and sewer rates will increase by twenty-five cents a month to five dollars and seventy-five cents a month for water and ten dollars and seventy-five cents a month for sewer. There will also be an increase to the per-thousand gallon fee for water and sewer rates of twenty-five cents per one thousand gallons. The increase would mean a rate of three dollars per thousand gallons for water and five dollars and ninety-five cents per thousand gallons for sewer. It’s the first time the City of Manchester has raised its water rates since 2012 and the first time the City has raised its sewer rates since 2008. City Manager Tim Vick says there’s a couple reasons for the increase.

Rates Increase 1

The recently approved budget does include a slightly lower levy rate for fiscal year 2015-2016… The levy rate will be set at fifteen dollars and fifty-seven cents, a very slight reduction of less than one cent. The rollback on commercial and industrial properties dropped to ninety percent from ninety-five percent, while the residential rollback increased from about 54-point-four percent to 55-point-73 percent.