Delaware County Cash Mob Surprises Colesburg Business

The Delaware County Cash Mob struck an unexpecting business in Colesburg Wednesday… Never heard of a cash mob? It’s something new in Delaware County and it could be coming to your town next.

Cash Mob 1

That’s Rhonda Kendrick, the owner of Kendrick Forest Products in Edgewood, who organized the Delaware County Cash Mob after seeing the idea while on vacation in Florida. Kendrick started a Facebook group that currently has about 130 members from across the county. And around 75 of those members met as a group and showed up Wednesday to shop at The Store in Colesburg.

Cash Mob 2

The Store’s owner, Teresa Amling, was completely blown away when 75 people just walked in at 5 pm and started shopping.

Cash Mob 4

Those 75 people soon began stepping up to the cash register with their groceries, creating a long line through the store.

Cash Mob 5

Doris Sherman of Manchester was one of the Cash Mob shoppers.

Cash Mob 3

The Delaware County Cash Mob will be visiting a business once a month. And where they show up is a total surprise… not only for the business, but for the Cash Mob too.

Cash Mob 6

If you’d like to be part of the Cash Mob, contact Rhonda Kendrick, Doris Sherman or any other Cash Mob member. (Photos by Rhonda Kendrick and News Director Janelle Tucker)