Lake Delhi Reconstruction Marks One Year Anniversary

Lake Delhi 4-24-15It was one year ago today that Lake Delhi broke ground on the dam’s reconstruction. It marked the beginning of the physical process of bringing the lake back after the dam breached and the lake drained in the historic 2010 flood. And one year later, they’re making some significant progress.

Lake Update 1

Lake Delhi Trustee Pat Colgan, who has served an engineer for the project, says work will be wrapping up in the next few months on Phase One, which include rehabilitating and modernizing the existing concrete structure. Now, the main focus is on Phase Two, which started earlier this month.

Lake Update 2

And Lake Delhi Trustees President Steve Leonard says there’s even more going on than just the main construction project. He says the new bridge and public recreational area at Turtle Creek is also moving along quite well.

Lake Update 3

There’s also several projects going on in and along the lake bed.

Lake Update 4

Lake Delhi’s reconstruction and restoration project was made possible through funding from the County, the State and Lake Delhi residents, as well as donations to the Community Fund to Rebuild Lake Delhi. And residents and supporters are ready for the lake’s return, which is officially slated for October 23rd.

Lake Update 5

If you’d like to stay up to date on the photos of the dam’s reconstruction and lake’s restoration, as well as other information, check out the Trustees’ website at