Huge Turnout for Weather Radio Programming Event

If you were at Norby’s Farm Fleet Saturday morning, you may have heard this sound…

Weather Radios 0

That’s the sound of weather radios being programmed. For the first time ever, KMCH teamed up with our weather partners KCRG-TV9 for the weather radio programming event in Manchester. Nearly three hundred people showed up over the course of four hours to purchase weather radios and get them programmed – so many people, in fact, that KCRG had to make a run back to Cedar Rapids to pick up more radios for the large crowd. KCRG-TV9 Chief Meteorologist Joe Winters says they were thrilled to see so many area residents take an interest in the weather radios – a tool he says is vital to have when severe weather strikes.

Weather Radios 1

Weather radios can be programmed for a specific county, such as Delaware County, so you get the watches and warnings only for that area.

Weather Radios 2