St. Mary’s Students Pack Meals for “Kids Against Hunger”

Students at St. Mary’s School in Manchester are proving that kids can make a BIG impact on the world. The students spent over two hours Monday packing meals for the Kids Against Hunger project. Student Council President and sixth-grader Kieran Monaghan says it’s the first time the school has participated in this cause.

Fifth-grader Gabi Kielkucki, a fellow student council member, was helping supervise the packing process in the school gym.

Each bag of food contains six servings of nutritious, dehydrated food, which when boiled will feed six children.The students packed enough meals for over five thousand people. The Student Council received a Harvest of Blessings grant worth $500 to help pay for the project. Others helped chip in as well…

The students also raised over $700 through Casual Day for a Cause Friday.

All the students at St. Mary’s were involved in the project. The older students in third through sixth grades helped pack the meals Monday, while the younger students made cards to let the meal recipients know they are in their prayers. The students say they like being able to make a difference in someone’s life.

(Photos courtesy of News Director Janelle Tucker)