First Project Lead the Way Class Wraps Up at MREP Center

The first-ever Project Lead the Way class has wrapped up at the MREP Center. Project Lead the Way offers students a new, more dynamic way of learning that allows students to create, test and design in hands-on activities to help them develop real-world problem-solving skills. It prepares students to be innovative and productive leaders, mainly in the biomedical, engineering, science and technology fields. Last year, the Manchester Regional Education Partnership Center created a state-of-the-art classroom with a 3-D printer, robots and other special equipment specifically for the Project Lead the Way classes. Nine students from West Delaware just wrapped up the four-month first class, Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Alex Fangman, a junior at West Delaware, says they learned a lot.

Austin Steifel is also a West Delaware junior. He says he’s interested in majoring in software engineering, so the class has been really beneficial.

Brooke Kolka, a senior at West Delaware, was one of two girls in the class. She says the class kind of took her by surprise.

Fangman also says the class was a great opportunity.

Kevin Schuchmann is the instructor for the Project Lead the Way courses at the MREP Center. He says the center is leading the way by offering this opportunity to area high school students.

And Schuchmann says the center is planning to expand the classes next year.

And coming up in June, the MREP Center will offer a one-week Project Lead the Way summer program to middle school students. To learn more, contact the MREP Center 563-822-1016. (Photos by News Director Janelle Tucker)