Manchester Whitewater Park Officially Opens

Manchester’s new whitewater park is officially open. The cranes and big equipment have been moved out, the trail areas have been reconstructed and the new features along the Maquoketa River are now complete.

The off-the-wall idea of a whitewater park was first brought up five years ago during the initial Manchester Good to Great community meeting. Since that time, most Manchester residents have learned what a whitewater park is, but we still hear the question get asked…

The one-point-eight million dollar project was funded by grants, the City of Manchester and private contributions. Due to cost overruns from a couple of issues during construction, the restrooms and parking lot that were part of the project will be delayed for now. A grand opening celebration at the Manchester Whitewater Park is planned for next month – mark your calendar for Saturday, June 20th.

If you’d like to get an idea of what the Manchester Whitewater Park is like, check out the video below!