Black Bear Caught on Video Near Greeley

There’s been another black bear sighting… and this time, the bear was captured on video by the Delaware County Sheriff. Sheriff John LeClere was driving on Highway 38 about a mile and a half north of Greeley Monday morning when he saw a black bear in the distance. He turned his squad car around and drove down the highway, coming within several yards of the bear as it crossed the highway heading east. (You can find the video Sheriff LeClere’s squad car captured of the bear above.)

This is not the first black bear sighting in the area recently. A black bear was spotted in the Dubuque area several weeks ago, and one was sighted in the Ryan area last Monday. A black bear was also seen in the Jesup area this past week, and Sheriff LeClere says his office also recently received a report of a bear sighting between Edgewood and Colesburg. Officials say it’s difficult to confirm if it’s the same black bear, but bears can travel dozens of miles in one day so it is possible. Black bears are usually not aggressive unless threatened or provoked. LeClere says it’s best to avoid contact with the animal and do NOT put out any food in an attempt to feed the bear. He says there’s no need to report the bear to authorities unless it is causing a problem.