Powerful Storm Brings Damage to Northeast Iowa

Area residents spent Monday cleaning up after powerful straight line winds brought widespread damage across northeast Iowa. The hardest hit area appeared to be Buchanan, Delaware and Dubuque counties, along with the southern portions of Fayette and Clayton counties. When the storm warning was issued shortly before 9 am Monday, the National Weather Service warned the storm would cause widespread wind damage across Delaware County. Winds measured as high as 93 miles per hour as they moved through Independence, and were estimated to be about 78 miles per hour when they moved through Dyersville. And the storms moved very fast, traveling off to the east at 70 miles per hour.

In Fayette County near Maynard, the storm blew a two-story house partly off of its foundation along 80th Street. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office says the property’s owners, 73-year old Robert Cole and 78-year old Ursula Cole, were inside the home when it happened. Rescuers were able to get both of them out of the severely-damaged home through an open area in the northwest corner of the house. Ursala was taken to a local hospital for injuries, while her husband Robert was not hurt.

In Clayton County, west of Garber, the Amish grocery store was destroyed.

In Holy Cross, strong winds blew off the roof of LaSalle Catholic School.

In Dyersville, the area along the north side of Highway 20 took the biggest hit. Third Street Southwest near Mercy Medical Center, also known as the “hospital road”, was blocked by large trees and power lines that had fallen during the storm. Trees fell on at least two homes on that street, causing damage. Linda Hermsen, who lives on the street, was home when the storm hit.

Just down the road to the west, one of FarmTek’s buildings was damaged. VP of Operations Dave Buchheit says the high winds tore off several sections of the roof of their ClearSpan building.

A couple of Dyersville restaurants appeared to have lost their signs, including Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen.

The Arlington area was also hit hard by Monday morning’s severe weather… One business, Nelly’s Detail, was destroyed along Highway 3 and will be closed until further notice.

Delaware County Emergency Management reported extensive damage one to two miles north of Manchester, with agricultural buildings flattened and trees snapped off. Carrie Naeve was among those with storm damage near Highway 13.

The Bailey’s Ford area south of Manchester had numerous tree and property damage… the roofs of several houses were seen Monday afternoon covered with tarps, and people were cutting down trees that had fallen in the storms. Mary McGrane lost part of her barn roof… it laid twisted in a large tree and on the lawn next to her house.

Numerous power outages were also reported on Monday across Manchester and other areas of northeast Iowa.