Ryan Farmer’s Hog Wins State Fair’s “Big Boar” Contest

Big BoarHundreds crowded around a show ring in the Iowa State Fair’s hog barn last Thursday to see the “Big Boar” competition.


The pig’s name is “Big Mac” and he lives right here in Delaware County. He was raised by Tom McDonald of Ryan.

Big Mac is a three-year old male hog. So how did he bulk up to weigh almost 12-hundred pounds?

All joking aside, the boar eats as much as twenty pounds at a time, mostly chowing down corn and beans rather than junk food and beer. This is the second year “Big Mac” has competed in the Iowa State Fair’s “Big Boar” competition. He came in second last year, and since he won this year, the hog can never compete again at the Iowa State Fair. McDonald is hoping “Big Mac” gets an invitation to compete in the Texas State Fair in late September. (Story courtesy of Radio Iowa; photo courtesy of Iowa State Fair)

Big Boar 2