Cardboard Boats to Race on the River in Manchester

river runner 1
Cardboard boats will fill the Maquoketa River in Manchester this Saturday. The Franklin Street Brewing Company is hosting the first annual River Runner Regatta and Cardboard Boat Race.

Brewery co-owner Chad Sands says if you’ve never seen a cardboard boat race, you’ll be surprised to find out cardboard can actually float. Participants will ride in their cardboard boats down the rapids of the Manchester Whitewater Park.

Sands says they’ll be giving away several prizes.

Over twenty entries have come in so far… and there’s still time to enter! If you’d like to create a cardboat boat and race it down the river, you can contact the Franklin Street Brewery or just sign up that day. And everyone is welcome to watch… Saturday’s River Runner Regatta and Cardboard Boat Race starts at 2 o’clock.