SUV Caused West Delaware School Bus Rollover

20151001_141657Over thirty West Delaware students were involved in an accident when their school bus rolled over on a gravel road northeast of Manchester Thursday afternoon. Iowa State Patrol officer Jon Stickney says an SUV caused the crash.


Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey says 32 students were on board Bus #15 at the time of the rollover. Rickey says the school went into immediate action upon word of the accident.


Area emergency personnel from surrounding towns responded to the scene or waited on standby. Some of the students suffered minor injuries, while others had no injuries at all. Per school policy, all of the students were transported to Regional Medical Center by ambulance or bus as a precaution. RMC Chief Nursing Officer Heather Ries says the hospital was ready – the emergency situation unfolded just as they had practiced in annual drills.


Ries says she was impressed with the students’ calmness and the parents’ patience.


Dr. Rickey says she’s thankful no one was seriously hurt.


The driver of the school bus, 52-year old Mark Wiley of Manchester, and the driver of the SUV, 41-year old Monte Klink of Arlington, were also transported to the hospital with injuries. (Photos by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)