Ten Years of Service for Manchester City Manager

20151020_160019This year marks ten years of service for Manchester City Manager Tim Vick. Vick replaced Dave Heiar in 2005, and since that time, he’s been implementing the policies approved by the City Council. When KMCH News Director Janelle Tucker asked him what city accomplishments he’s most proud of over the past ten years, he listed the new fire station, the updated wastewater treatment plant and the installation of nitrate removal systems on three of the city’s wells. Community childcare improvements and the addition of the M-REP Center are also high on the list. And there’s also a couple of recreational projects that have had a big impact on Manchester.

But Vick says there are some challenges ahead due to Manchester’s declining population.

Regardless of what the future holds, Vick knows he’s in the right place. He says the way Manchester bounced back from the 2010 historic flood is a memory that sticks with him.

The City of Manchester recognized Vick for his ten years of service at a city council meeting this summer.