Delaware County Initial Collective Bargaining Agreement Proposals

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors was presented with initial collective bargaining agreement proposals for the upcoming fiscal year at Tuesday morning’s board meeting. The proposals came from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department and Secondary Roads Department Unions. The Secondary Roads Department Union is proposing a three-point-five percent wage increase, while the Sheriff’s Department Union is proposing a jailer officer 75-cents upgrade plus four-percent across the board. The unions are requesting no changes for insurance.

The County also presented their proposals Tuesday morning. The County is proposing a wage increase of 55-cents per hour for the Secondary Roads Department (which equates to about a three-percent increase) and a two-point-five percent wage increase for the Sheriff’s Department’s jailer officer. The County is also proposing an insurance change in which employees would contribute 70 dollars per month towards their health insurance premium for employee/children or employee/spouse plans and 80 dollars per month for a family plan (each would be a 10 dollar per month increase from the current plan).

The negotiations will be discussed, with hopes to reach an agreement soon.