Panel Won’t Probe Dyersville Open Meetings Law Complaint

DYERSVILLE (AP) –The Iowa Public Information Board won’t investigate whether an email sent to Dyersville public library trustees and others violated state open-meetings laws.

Board deputy director Margaret Johnson told city officials the board no longer had jurisdiction because the complaint was filed more than 60 days after the alleged violation.

And she says the Sept. 29 email from library board President Lynn Osterhaus didn’t appear to violate Iowa law.

Osterhaus’ email encouraged people to support City Administrator Mick Michel as city leaders considered firing him.

The email was sent to Osterhaus’ family and friends, including all eight library trustees.

Mayor Alvin Haas and some council members have said the email violated open-meetings laws.

Council Member Mark Breitbach argued the issue first should have been taken to City Attorney Carter Stevens.