Iowa Free of Bird Flu; Exhibition Ban on Birds Lifted


2015-07-22 00.38.00It looks like Delaware County 4-H and FFA members will be allowed to show their chickens and turkeys at next summer’s fair. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship announced Tuesday that the order canceling all live bird exhibitions at county fairs, the Iowa State Fair, livestock auction markets, swap meets and exotic sales will be lifted on January 1st. The ban was ordered in May in the midst of the bird flu outbreak, with hopes it would help stop the spread of the virus. For the first time ever, Delaware County Fair exhibitors were not allowed to bring their poultry to the fair this year – instead, the animals were judged through photos while the exhibitors answered questions. Over 31 million birds were affected with the bird flu in Iowa. There have been no new cases in Iowa since June and the final quarantine was lifted on December 1st. Iowa is now considered free of the bird flu – a huge relief to poultry producers across the state.

(Photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)