Cruz Makes Campaign Stop in Manchester

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz made a campaign stop in Manchester Monday afternoon, just one week before the Iowa Caucuses. Over 150 people crammed into the main dining room at Fireside Pub and Steakhouse to hear Cruz speak. Cruz, who is in a tight battle with Donald Trump for the Republican lead in Iowa, spoke with the media first, saying he will continue his grassroots campaign heading into these final seven days.

Cruz spent time delivering his message to the Manchester crowd before taking questions from the audience. One woman wanted to know how he would handle the refugees seeking their way into the U.S.

A Manchester veteran asked Cruz how he would help the VA.

A man in the crowd told Cruz he was concerned about the country’s spending and national debt.

Several teenagers and children were among those who came to hear Cruz speak, including a Maquoketa Valley student who shared her frustrations about Common Core.

You can listen to Cruz’s entire Manchester presentation (audio is not high quality), along with his complete answers to local residents’ questions, in the two audio clips below:

First half:

Second half:

(Photos by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)