Carly Fiorina Makes Campaign Stop in Manchester

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina made a campaign stop in Manchester Saturday morning – at the exact same time Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was in town. Fiorina spoke to around 75 people at Fireside Pub and Steakhouse and caught up with KMCH’s Rob Edwards after the event to reiterate her message.

Fiorina is the only female presidential candidate running for the Republican nomination. She gained momentum during the debates last August and September, but her national poll numbers dropped to 3% in December. However, she remains confident heading into Monday’s Iowa Caucuses.

Fiorina has the support of State Representative Lee Hein of Monticello, who plans to caucus for her Monday night.

Fellow Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson will be in Manchester on Sunday, holding a town hall meeting at Fireside Pub and Steakhouse at 5 pm.

(photo by Rob Edwards, KMCH)