High Turnout at Delaware County Caucuses

Delaware County residents turned out in high numbers for caucus night last night. Delaware County Republicans set a record, nearly doubling their usual turnout. Ted Cruz won Delaware County with 317 votes. Donald Trump came in second with 198, followed by Marco Rubio in a close third with 172.

Nearly 1,000 ballots were handed out, with 895 people participating at the Republican’s central caucus site at West Delaware High School in Manchester. Delaware County Republican Caucus Chair Jeff Madlom says the turnout was incredible.

Madlom says he appreciated everyone’s patience on such a busy night.

Meanwhile, Delaware County Democrats were split up at sites across the county. At Lambert Elementary in Manchester, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters were trying to sway Martin O’Malley supporters and undecided voters to their side.

Delaware County Democratic Caucus Chair Megan Jack says it was encouraging to see so many residents participate.

She’s looking forward to seeing where things will go from here…

Delaware County’s Democratic caucus saw a turnout of 453 people, with 55 delegates for Hillary Clinton, 43 delegates for Bernie Sanders and 2 delegates for Martin O’Malley.

(photos by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)