Delaware County Jail Now Using GPS Tracking for Work Release Inmates

The Delaware County Jail is now monitoring its work release inmates electronically. Since the beginning of the January, inmates who leave the jail on work release are given ankle bracelets that track their whereabouts throughout the day. The ankle bracelets can also be used for inmates who are on court furlough or traveling to a medical appointment. Delaware County Sheriff John LeClere says it’s been a big improvement.

The computer screen provides the jail with a 360-degree picture view of where the inmate is. If the inmate tries removing or cutting off the ankle bracelet, the jail is immediately alerted. LeClere says the new electronic monitoring isn’t costing Delaware County taxpayers a penny – instead, the inmates are footing the bill.

Only a handful of the jail’s inmates are on work release. For example, last week the jail housed between eight to twelve inmates, with two or three of them on work release using the new ankle bracelets. Jail Administrator Casey Snyder says electronic monitoring is still a fairly new concept across the state, though a couple area counties – Buchanan and Clayton – have also started using the tracking system at their county jails.

(photos by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)