West Delaware Looking for Businesses to Help Students


West Delaware is looking for businesses that would be willing to allow students to learn in their workplace. High school principal Tim Felderman says the district currently allows students to learn outside of the classroom, but starting next year, it will transform into a more structured program known as “Connections Career Exploration”.

High school counselor Shari Soppe says the program will not only help West Delaware’s juniors and seniors learn, but it will also give them the chance to see what kinds of businesses and career opportunities are right here in their own community.

West Delaware Business and Education instructor Jodie Bramel will help match students with a business.

Area businesses that are interested in being part of the program are encouraged to come to a meeting on Friday to learn more.

Friday’s meeting runs from noon to 1 pm at Regional Medical Center’s Veterans Education Room. If your business would like to be involved with West Delaware’s “Connections Career Exploration” program, but can’t make it to the meeting, contact Felderman at the school.