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Final Recap of the 2016 State Wrestling Tournament!

State Tournament Recap


State Championship All Classes:

Class 3A 285# Championship: Gannon Gremmel (Dubuque Hempstead) WBF over Aaron Costello (Western Dubuque) 2:48

Class 3A 182# Championship: Mac Lyon (Western Dubuque) WBF over Jamiir Moore (Waverly-Shell Rock) 1:04

Class 2A 170# Championship: Chase Shiltz (Creston) over Nick Holt (Independence) Maj. Dec. 8-0

Class 1A 113# Championship: Brock Henderson (North Linn) over Jeremiah Colon (Mason City Newman) 4-3



All Classes Consolation Semifinals and Placing Matches:

220 7th Place Match: Ko Kieft (Sioux Center) over Travis McMillan (Oelwein) 6-2

195 7th Place Match: Matt McMillan (Independence) over Zach Haggstrom (Glenwood) 4-1

170 5th Place Match: Conner Shaw (Garner Hayfield) WBF over Coy Roussell (West Delaware) 3:06

160 7th Place Match: Jake Juhl (Independence) over Josh Strohman (Algona) Tech Fall 17-2

138 7th Place Match: Noah Carr (WDM Valley) WBF over Dain Gansen (Western Dubuque) 4:30

285 3rd Place Match: Kyler Schott (North Linn) over Brian Sadler (Jesup) 8-2

182 3rd Place Match: Alec McDowell (Maquoketa Valley) over Steven Gregory (Treynor) 3-2

113 5th Place Match: Kody Kleve (Starmont) over Logan Lutgen (Don Bosco) 8-7

170 Cons. Semifinal: Bailey Chyma (South Tama) over Coy Roussell (West Delaware) 4-0

285 Cons. Semifinal: Kyler Schott (North Linn) WBF over Michael Young (AGWSR) 1:10

182 Cons. Semifinal: Alec McDowell (Maquoketa Valley) over Colton Massengale (B-G-M) 9-3

113 Cons. Semifinal: Josh Tibbits (Martensdale St. Mary’s) over Kody Kleve (Starmont) 9-2

Day 2 Recap

Class 3A Semifinals and Consolations Class 2A Semifinals and Consolations:

220 Cons: Noah Broderson (Davenport Assumption) over Travis McMillan (Oelwein) 11-8

195 Cons: Shane Poppens (Aplington Parkersburg) WBF Matt McMillan (Independence)

170 Semifinal: Nick Holt (Independence) over Conner Shaw (Garner Hayfield) 2-1

170 Cons: Coy Roussell (West Delaware) over Michael Kent (Iowa Falls) 4-3

160 Cons: Tristan Johnson (Osage) over Jake Juhl (Independence) 9-2

285 Semifinal: Aaron Costello (Western Dubuque) over Eagan Lickiss (Indianola) 3-2

182 Semifinal: Max Lyon (Western Dubuque) WBF over Isaac Bartel (Mason City) 2:15

138 Cons: Alex Streicher (Linn Mar) over Dain Gansen (Western Dubuque) 3-1

Class 2A Quarterfinals and 1A Semifinals:

220 Cons: Travis McMillan (Oelwein) over Caleb Ring (Osage) 8-5

195 Cons: Matt McMillan (Independence) over Jack Cochrane (Mt. Vernon) 8-4

182 Cons: Daniel Sommerlot (Pocahontas) over Elliott Ryan (Independence) 7-0

170 Cons: Coy Roussell (West Delaware) over Will Reiter (Union) 3-2

160 Cons: Josh Strohman (Algona) over Cole Stanford (Oelwein) 7-4

160 Cons: Jake Juhl (Independence) over Kyler Jondle (SE Valley) 10-4

138 Cons: Austin Staudt (Charles City) over Drew Davis (Independence) 4-2

113 Cons: Drake Doolittle (Webster City) WBF over Sam Martin (Cascade)

285 Semifinal: Jared Brinkman (Regina) over Kyler Schott (North Linn) 5-4

182 Semifinal: Daniel Bishop (Hinton) over Alec McDowell (Maquoketa Valley) 15-4

113 Semifinal: Brock Henderson (North Linn) over Logan Lutgen (Don Bosco) Tech. Fall 16-1

113 Semifinal: Jeremiah Colon (Mason City Newman) WBF over Kody Kleve (Starmont) 1:14

170 Quarterfinal: Nick Holt (Independence) vs Michael Kent (Iowa Falls)

160 Quarterfinal: Trevor Nelson (Solon) over Cole Stanford (Oelwein) Maj. Dec. 11-0

160 Quarterfinal: Zach Johnston (ADM) over Jake Juhl (Independence) 8-4

113 Quarterfinal: Riley Wright (Denver Tripoli) over Sam Martin (Cascade) Maj. Dec. 10-1

Class 1A and 3A State Tournament Quarterfinals:

138 Cons: Dain Gansen (Western Dubuque) over Mason Hulse (Boone) 7-5

106 Cons: Drew Bennett (Ft. Dodge) over Jacob Close (Western Dubuque) Tech Fall 19-3

220 Cons: Tom Rief (Missouri Valley) over Eric Heims (Maquoketa Valley) Tech Fall 19-3

285 Quartefinal: Aaron Costello (Western Dubuque) WBF over Nick Mitchell (CBTJ) 1:04

182 Quarterfinal: Max Lyon (Western Dubuque) over Duncan Lee (Newton) Tech Fall 16-0

285 Quarterfinal: Kyler Schott (North Linn) WBF over Coy Maher (Riverside) 1:58

182 Quarterfinal: Alec McDowell (Maquoketa Valley) over Bryce Oveson (Wilton) 3-0

113 Quarterfinal: Kody Kleve (Starmont) over Ben Emrich (Tipton) 9-7 OT

113 Quarterfinal: Brock Henderson (North Linn) over Josh Tibbits (Martensdale St. Marys) 4-1

Day 1 Individual Tournament Recap

Class 2A State Tournament Session 3:

220 cons: Travis McMillan (Oelwein) over Bryce Cox (Mt. Vernon) Dec. 5-3

195 cons: Matt McMillan (Independence) over Mason Meitzenheimer (Cherokee) Maj. Dec. 10-1

182 cons: Elliott Ryan (Independence) WBF over Drew Durant (Central DeWitt) :24

170 cons: Coy Roussell (West Delaware) over Dylan Henderson (Davis County Bloomfield) Dec.

138 cons: Drew Davis (Independence) WBF over Jordan Renshaw (Glenwood) 2:58

106 cons: Luke Radeke (Vinton Shellsburg) over Chase Luensman (Monticello) Dec. 10-7

220 champ: Alex Paulson (Forest City) over Travis McMillan (Oelwein) Dec. 3-1 OT

195 champ: Seth Maitlen (Creston) over Matt McMillan (Independence) Dec.3-1 UTB

182 champ: Cole Bennett (ADM) WBF over Elliott Ryan (Independence) 5:34

170 champ: Nick Holt (Independence) over Dillon Diltz (Solon) Dec. 3-1

170 champ: Jacob Kloft (Maquoketa) over Coy Roussell (West Delaware) Dec. 3-2

160 champ: Cole Stanford (Oelwein) over Isaiah Vaughan (Union) Dec. 6-4

160 champ: Jake Juhl (Independence) over Tristan Westphal-Edwards (Washington) Dec. 9-2

138 champ: Tanner Abbas (Clarion Goldfield) over Drew Davis (Independence) Dec 8-5

113 champ: Sam Martin (Cascade) WBF over Walter Long (Bondurant Farrar) 4:30

106 champ: Shea Ruffridge (Pocahontas) over Chase Luensman (Monticello) 8-2

Class 3A State Tournament Session 2:

Session 2 Recap

195 cons: Ethan Rummel (Carroll) WBF over Cody McDermott (Western Dubuque) :53

138 cons: Dain Gansen (Western Dubuque) over Reese Hageman (Marshalltown) Dec. 7-4

132 cons: Jacob Jones (CBTJ) over Elijah Demmer (Western Dubuque) Dec. 9-5

120 cons : Mayson Shannon (North Scott) over Bradan Birt (Western Dubuque) Dec. 4-3

106 cons: Jacob Close (Western Dubuque) WBF over Dayne Cordray (Ft. Madison) 1:23

285 champ: Aaron Costello (Western Dubuque) WBF over Tyler Clark (Clinton) 4:25

195 champ: Taylor Mehmen (CR Prairie) WBF over Cody McDermott (Western Dubuque) :50

182 champ: Max Lyon (Western Dubuque) WBF over Damon Deyo (Lewis Central) 1:34

138 champ: Nelson Brands (Iowa City West) over Dain Gansen (Western Dubuque) 11-4

132 champ: Sam Uthoff (CR Prairie) WBF over Elijah Demmer (Western Dubuque) 3:09

120 champ: Adam Brown (Southeast Polk) over Bradan Birt (Western Dubuque) Maj. Dec. 9-0

106 champ: Kobey Pritchard (Indianola) over Jacob Close (Western Dubuque) Tech Fall 16-1

Session 1 Recap

Class 1A State Tournament Session 1:

220 cons: Eric Heims (Maquoketa Valley) WBF over Hunter Foubert (Tri County) 3:59

195 cons: Lane Ring (Exira/EHK) WBF over Griffin Cabalka (East Buchanan) 1:32

145 cons: Griffen McBride (Pleasantville) over Braydon Nunemaker (East Buchanan) 7-4

132 cons: Bo Geise (Logan Magnolia) over Kyle Decker (East Buchanan) 7-3

285 champ: Kyler Schott (North Linn) over Beau Kellenberger (West Lyon Inwood) 3-2 UTB

220 champ: Rylan Richardson (South Central Calhoun) over Eric Heims (Maquoketa Valley) Tech Fall 20-5

195 champ: Chaz Clark (Pleasantville) over Griffin Cabalka (East Buchanan) 11-3

182 champ: Alec McDowell (Maquoketa Valley) over Dante Arzani (Interstate 35) 8-3

145 champ: Dylan Schuck (Sibley Ocheyedan) WBF over Braydon Nunemaker (East Buchanan) :49

132 champ: Cole Needham (WMSC) over Kyle Decker (East Buchanan) 3-2

113 champ: Kody Kleve (Starmont) over Remington Meeker (Logan Magnolia) 12-0

113 champ: Brock Henderson (North Linn) over Tatem Bluml (Riverside) 12-1

Day 1 Recap

Class 2A State Duals:

5th Place Match #5 Independence 34 vs #7 Washington 24

152: Trey Van Weeldon (Washington) over Luke House (Independence) Dec. 4-1 0-3

160: Jake Juhl (Independence) over Tristin Westphal-Edwards (Washington) Dec. 11-4 3-3

170: Nick Holt (Independence) over Bryce Rickey (Washington) Fall 1:16 9-3 

182: Elliott Ryan (Independence) over Karlton Skubal (Washington) Fall 2:35 15-3

195: Matt McMillan (Independence) over Tanner Murphy (Washington) Fall 1:03 21-3

220: Hunter Crawford (Independence) over Oscar German (Washington) Dec. 7-3 24-3

285: Austin Larkin (Independence) over Mitchell Huisenga (Washington) Dec. 1-0 27-3

106: Garrett Ikerd (Washington) over Holdyn Griffith (Independence) Dec. 4-0 27-6 

113: Jarrett Orr (Independence) over Walker Ikerd (Washington) Dec. 10-5 30-6

120: David Hora (Washington) over Collin Fischels (Independence) Dec. 10-5 30-9 

126:  Andrew Waite (Washington) over Jacob Wolf (Independence) Fall :30 30-15

132: Kyle Anderson (Washington) over Tanner Erickson-Dale (Independence) Dec. 4-3 30-18

138: Drew Davis (Independence) over Austin Hazelett (Washington) Maj. Dec. 15-7 34-18

145: Michael Ellingson (Washington) over Spencer Shonka (Independence) Fall 2:36 34-24

Consolation Semifinals

#5 Independence 51 vs #8 Albia 24

145: Bryce Leshen (Albia) over Seth House (Independence) Fall 1:36  0-6 

152: Blake Lawless (Albia) over Luke House (Indpendence) Maj. Dec 11-3 0-10

160: Jake Juhl (Independence) over Brett Martin (Albia) Fall 3:46 6-10

170: Nick Holt (Independence) over Trevor Komray (Albia) Fall 4:51 12-10

182: Elliott Ryan (Independence) over Ben Mason (Albia) Fall :34 18-10

195: Matt McMillan (Independence) over Jacob West (Albia) Fall 4:52 24-10

220: Hunter Crawford (Independence) over Trevor Blackford (Albia) Fall 4:48 30-10

285: Carter Isley (Albia) over Austin Larkin (Independence) Tech Fall 16-0 30-15

106: Aden Reeves (Albia) over Holdyn Griffith (Independence) Fall 1:06 30-21

113: Jarrett Orr (Independence) over Storm Little (Albia) Fall :37 36-21

120: Collin Fischels (Independence) over Gage Wilson (Albia) Fall 1:05 42-21

126: David Morris (Albia) over Jacob Wolf (Independence) Dec 11-5 42-24

132: Tanner Erickson-Dale (Independence) over Cobi Thomas (Albia) 9-3 45-24

138: Drew Davis (Independence) over Dominick Morris (Albia) Fall 3:51 51-24




#5 Independence 33 vs #4 Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 36

                                                              INDEE     C-G-D

138: Tanner Abbas (C-G-D) over Drew Davis (Independence) 8-7                0                 3

145: Brady Brott (C-G-D) over Seth House (Independence) Fall 5:06            0                 9

152: Luke House (Independence) over Sam Wigans (C-G-D) 6-2                  3                 9

160: Jake Juhl (Independence) over Dakota Hennigar (C-G-D) Fall :56         9                 9

170: Nick Holt (Independence) over Reymundo Vasquez (C-G-D) Fall 1:22  15               9

182: Elliott Ryan (Independence) over Mason Carpenter (C-G-D) Fall 3:08     21              9

195: Zach Pogge (C-G-D) over Hunter Crawford (Independence) 9-4              21            12

220: Matt McMillan (Independence) over Caden Hanson (C-G-D) Fall 1:05      27            12

285: Austin Larkin (Independence) over Trent McAtee (C-G-D) 3-0                  30            12

106: Connor Johnson (C-G-D) over Holdyn Griffith (Independence) Fall 3:39   30            18

113: Justin Portillo (C-G-D) over Jarrett Orr (Independence) Fall 2:33               30            24

120: Josh Portillo (C-G-D) over Collin Fischels (Independence) Fall 1:32          30            30

126: Jacob Lienemann (C-G-D) over Jacob Wolf (Independence) Fall 1:59       30            36

132: Tanner Erickson-Dale (Independence) over Calen Rosenbaum (C-G-D)   33            36