Petersburg Given April 4th Deadline to Create Alternative Wastewater Plan

20160308_161932_resizedPetersburg residents were given the opportunity Monday to come up with an alternative plan to solve the community’s wastewater issues.

Homes and businesses in the small, unincorporated village of Petersburg have never had a community-wide wastewater system in place. Delaware County Supervisor Doug Dabroski says it’s been a reason for concern for the past decade.


Early last year, Petersburg residents voted to get EIRUSS involved in the process to try to get a plan in place to resolve the issues. Last month, the community was presented with two wastewater options – install a lagoon system or install a cluster system – each of which will cost residents additional money.

A group of about a dozen Petersburg residents spent over two hours discussing the project with the Delaware County Board of Supervisors and other officials Monday. Some of the residents represented the Petersburg Community Club, Saints Peter and Paul Parish Council and the Hennessy School Board.

Petersburg residents say they agree they need EIRUSS’ help, but they’d like to lower the financial burden – and many believe that could be done by putting in their own legal sewer systems.

Officials say that’s possible, but there are about twenty homes in Petersburg that likely wouldn’t be able to afford installing their own system – and on the flip side, a public system for just twenty homes is probably unrealistic. But the County says they’re willing to give Petersburg residents the opportunity to come up with an alternative plan that would meet DNR requirements.

The Petersburg community has until April 4th to come up with an alternative plan. Attorney RJ Longmuir of Peters Law Office, who is representing the residents, says Monday’s discussion answered some questions.

Along with the alternative plan, the County is also asking Petersburg households and businesses to vote on which of the two previous options they’d prefer to move forward with – a lagoon system or a cluster system. The 73 households and businesses who were mailed a ballot must return those to the Delaware County Auditor’s Office by 4:30 pm Friday. The County will take those votes into consideration and put the discussion back on the Supervisors agenda on April 4th.


(photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)