Time Capsule Opened At West Delaware

36 years ago, Dick Justice, who at the time was the Grounds Superintendent at West Delaware High School knew that there was something special in one of the pillars that led up to the entrance of the old West Delaware high school, then known as “The Annex”.  

Fast forward to 2009, when the Annex was being torn down to make room for the new addition to the school.  Carter Smith, whose father graduated from West Delaware in 1916, paid a visit to the school:

Earlier this year, Smith once again contacted the school knowing that the time capsule would be one hundred years old this year:

Sunday, that time capsule was unsealed at a special ceremony at West Delaware’s Hanson Auditorium.  Current West Delaware Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey and school board President Linda Bessey opened a metal box. The box contained a few artifacts from 1980 that included a copy of the Manchester Press from September of that year with an article about the unearthing of the capsule by Justice.  The box also contained a glass jar that was filled with several documents from 1916, including a play program, the school’s good conduct policy, and policies and procedures manual.  Dr. Rickey said she was a little surprised to see that some of the student and teacher policies contained in the capsule have not changed in 100 years:

Prior to the unveiling, Bessey gave a unique perspective of what was happening in the world in 1916:


Mayor Milt Kramer also gave a little history of the school through the years:


And as far as that play program from 1916?  It contained the name Arley T. Smith, the father of Carter Smith.  Carter, who now live is Cedar Rapids, and his brother Gordon, who resides in Des Moines say their dad took a couple years off before graduating, and was quite an athlete at Manchester High School: