Heavy Rains Lead to Street Flooding, Unsafe River Levels

Manchester Clouds 2

Heavy rains hit eastern Iowa Tuesday afternoon and evening.

The highest reported rainfall total was five and a half inches in the Dyersville area. Hopkinton and Monticello received over four inches, Manchester saw over two and a half and Edgewood received about two and a quarter inches of rain.

All that rain in a short amount of time led to street flooding Tuesday night. It didn’t take long for most of that water to disappear.

Funnel clouds and a couple ‘landspouts’ were also seen across eastern Iowa. The National Weather Service says they received numerous reports of a brief funnel cloud between Troy Mills and Walker in Linn County early Tuesday afternoon.

With all the rain, the Manchester Whitewater Park is not safe to be on at this time. Chuck Ungs says the river’s CFS (cubic feet per second) was 1150 Wednesday morning.

Ungs says it’ll be safe to be on the Maquoketa River when it drops back down to 500 to 700 CFS.

Check out some photos from the storms and flooding below!