Local Students Raise Money for Music Education

HungerA group of students from area high schools received the chance of a lifetime by performing on stage with Foreigner at the Delaware County Fair.

The students united to donate the money they received from Foreigner’s CD sales to help an organization dedicated to improving children’s lives through music education.

Hungry for Music is an organization offering children the opportunity to participate in music programs with donated instruments. These children may not have had the budget to purchase or rent an instrument, but with Hungry for Music they can use an instrument for no cost.

Jeff Campbell, the Founder of Hungry for Music, has watched the organization grow for over two decades.

Hungry for Music uses music to not only teach children an important skill but also leads them to success later in life.

The organization has not only aided children in becoming successful, but it has given them a talent and a new hobby. To keep up with Hungry for music, visit their website at www.hungryformusic.org.


(story by KMCH Interns Sam King and Abby French)