KMCH Valued Volunteer Award Presented to Jack & Shirley Klaus



KMCH is proud to announce that our Valued Volunteer Award for August has been awarded to Jack and Shirley Klaus!

This Manchester couple has been involved in numerous events and organizations over the years. Not only did Jack serve a number of years as a volunteer firefighter with the Manchester Fire Department, but he recently retired as the Manchester Chamber Director. He says those ten years spent with the Chamber really showed him the spirit of volunteering.

And wherever Jack is, Shirley is not far behind… Whether it’s been lending a hand at RhubarbFest or helping clean up after First Friday at Five, they’ve always worked as a team.

The KMCH Valued Volunteer Award is sponsored by Delaware County ISU Extension and Outreach. Extension Director Jade Hargrafen presented the award to Jack and Shirley Klaus last week at the KMCH Studios.


(photo by Mike Johnson, KMCH)