“Mystery Tour” Surprises Residents with Visits to Clayton County Towns

Some Clayton County residents are being whisked away on some fun adventures each month… and where they’re going is always a surprise.

It’s called the “Clayton County: Mystery, Mingle, Munch and Mob Tour Series”. And Abbey Harkrader with the county’s Conservation Board says they started the program this past spring.

The Mystery, Mingle, Munch and Mob Tour Series kicked off with a visit to Millville in March. And last month, they spent the day in Strawberry Point.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the visits, with around two dozen residents usually making the trip. The next Clayton County: Mystery, Mingle, Munch and Mob Tour is taking place this Thursday – they’ll meet at 10 am at Osborne Park to shuttle and carpool to the mystery destination. If you’d like to join in, you can sign up by calling 563-245-1516.

(photos courtesy of Clayton County Conservation)