Just Another Reason “Dyersville Rocks”

dyersville-rocks-22The Dyersville community has been having fun with the simplest of things over the past few weeks… rocks.

But not just any rocks… They’re painted, they’re hidden and then they’re posted on Facebook. It’s known as “Dyersville Rocks”.

Dyersville business owner Heidi Huisman started the “Dyersville Rocks” craze after hearing about a similar group in Washington State. She created Dyersville’s own Facebook page this summer and “Dyersville Rocks” snowballed from there… soon everyone was painting whatever rocks they could find.

And you never know where one of those treasured little rocks will show up…

Since August, the group has grown to nearly 800 Facebook members, with hundreds of rocks circulating around Dyersville. Huisman says it’s great to see families having fun with it.

Manchester has already started its own version of “Dyersville Rocks” and other communities are encouraged to do the same. Check out some of these photos from the “Dyersville Rocks” Facebook page!