Koopmann Wins $25,000 in Beckman’s Cash Raffle

cash_raffleBeckman Catholic High School in Dyersville held their 25th Annual Gala last Saturday night.

Jerry Koopmann of Epworth was the $25,000 grand prize winner of the Cash Raffle.

Ralph Nilles of Florence, Kentucky, was the $5,000 winner. Katie Olberding of Dyersville and Leroy Westhoff of Cedar Falls each won $2,500. And the $1,000 dollar winners were Wayne Meyer, Mike Then and Oran Pape, all of Dyersville; Dal Darland of Dubuque; and Dave Bartels of Walnut Creek, California.

The Gala is Beckman’s largest fundraiser of the year.


(photo courtesy of Beckman Catholic High School)