We have had a lot of fun during October Pork Month by letting you pick your piggy from the Edgewood Feed Mill Pig Pen! A bunch of folks have won colorful ceramic piggy banks, filled with pork certificates from the Delaware County Pork Producers. Because Manchester is celebrating a landmark birthday this year, we decided to end the contest on a big note, and award someone $150.00 in pork certificates to whomever can locate the final silver sow. We have hidden the piggy in a secure location, and will give you the clue to the location on Monday, October 31st, shortly after the closing markets at 2:00 pm. The first person to find the piggy, and bring it to KMCH, will keep the silver sow, and the $150.00 in pork certificates! A special thanks to the Delaware County Pork Producers and the Edgewood Feed Mill!