11-14-2016 West Delaware School Board Meeting


At every West Delaware School Board Meeting, there are a number of reports given from a multitude of board members, district staff, educators, and more.
On Monday, November 14, the Director of School Improvement for West Delaware, Robin Mebus, presented her annual report on Learning and Leadership to the board.
Mebus reminded the West Delaware School Board that in 2013, the Iowa State House made it mandatory that all school districts abide by specific requirements … In regards to this past decision, reports and plans are to be made and followed by all Iowa schools. These regulations allow each and every district to analyze which students are meeting the benchmark goals, and how to increase improvement and learning for the students who are in need.
Every Iowa state school is now held on Accountability, which is broken down into four categories: Audits, Assessments, Instruction, and Intervention Systems.
For the Audits portion, Mebus noted that this report was pretty easy to compile and send in as West Delaware is on top of its policies and compliance.
For Assessments, West Delaware is currently meeting the minimum state goal, but it was noted by Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey that all of the schools within the district are excellent at giving support and helping those students that are in need.
In regards to the Instructional aspect of the states accountability requirements, West Delaware reached a 72.57 percent for students that are at the benchmark level within a given screening period.
And for Intervention Systems, this plays into how the district will implement procedures on how to help students that have fallen below the benchmarks more than two consecutive times.
Mebus commented that the West Delaware School District will continue to incorporate more programs and plans of action as they want to continue to address the issues that are causing some students to not achieve the appropriate benchmarks.
Mebus also went on to note that the district now has the information needed to meet compliance expectations of participation and progress monitoring.
Following Mebus’ annual report, was the Financial Projections Report, given by West Delaware’s Director of Finance and Board Secretary/Treasurer, Kelly Jared.
Jared discussed that declining enrollment for West Delaware, and many other schools in the area, is a large factor in determining what the allowable spending for the district will be in the future.
Currently, West Delaware’s spending authorities are made up of a certified budget enrollment, allowable growth, regular programming cost per pupil, supplemental weightings, and special education additional weightings.
Jared, along with the board, briefly brought up offering early retirements to some veteran educators in order to help with expenditures – this will be further discussed at the December West Delaware School Board Meeting.