Manchester City Council Split on Possible ATV/UTV Ordinance

atv-1The City of Manchester is considering an ATV/UTV ordinance – and the decision is not an easy one for council members.

The Delaware County Roads to Trails ATV Club is requesting that ATVs and UTVs be allowed on city streets. It was approved in Delaware County earlier this year and several other towns are also jumping on board.

But as the city attorney works on a draft, the council is split on whether it’s a good idea. There were already concerns over having these small motorized vehicles mixed in with heavy traffic, but a letter sent to the council has some members holding back. The letter signed by about a dozen experts, addresses safety issues with ATVs – noting that they are not designed for paved roads.

Council member Mary Ann Poynor says she cannot support it for that reason, while fellow council member Dean Sherman says drivers should be allowed to make their own decision on whether or not it’s safe.

Manchester’s ATV/UTV ordinance would likely be similar to its snowmobile ordinance, which requires riders to use a direct route in and out of town and to stay away from Highway 13 and the downtown area.

A final draft will be presented at the next council meeting on November 28th.