Residency Rule Changes Election Results of Delaware County Race

A rule about residency has changed the election results of one Delaware County race.

Four candidates were running for three open spots on the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners in the November general election. Chris Eibey of Manchester, Joe Hoeger of Hopkinton and Nathan Goedken of Delhi received the most votes – but there was an issue. Hoeger and Goedken both own property in the same township and state code says that’s not allowed.

Goedken has told the Delaware County Board of Supervisors that he has purchased property in another township and will be moving by the end of the year.

But after consulting with the State and county attorney, the County says they need to base their decision on where Goedken resided on Election Day – not where he resides when he takes office in January.

Since Hoeger received more votes than Goedken, he earns a spot on the board first. David Guthrie of Hopkinton, who was the fourth candidate, received about five hundred votes less than Goedken, but will serve on the board since Goedken is not eligible.