Manchester Not Making Changes to Garbage/Recycling Collection

The City of Manchester says it will NOT change how garbage and recycling is collected.

City Manager Tim Vick says they were considering an option proposed by the City’s contractor, Kluesner Sanitation of Farley. The proposal would have allowed garbage and recycling to be collected on the same day, using an automated system in which the truck picks up the carts. It would have required Manchester residents to switch to standard carts of a specific size.

The change would have cost households an extra two dollars a month. Through the local media, the City encouraged residents to give their opinion by taking an informal poll at City Hall or on the city’s website. The response was small, with under 200 residents voting. 73-percent were in favor of the change – they wanted their garbage and recycling containers provided (with the majority preferring the larger 65-gallon size). The poll results were presented to the City Council at last night’s council meeting. But the City Council believes it was just too small of a turnout to base a decision on – so they’ll keep the collection the same for now.

The new rates for garbage collection would start at $10.21 next year and gradually increase to $11.48 five years from now.