Delhi Man Eats Bugs to Raise Money for Operation Santa Claus

A local man kept his promise this week – feasting a meal of bugs to raise money for Operation Santa Claus.

Delhi resident and Rundes Sales Manager Aaron Young announced a couple weeks ago that if he raised $1,000 for Operation Santa Claus, he would eat something most people wouldn’t even come close to touching… bugs.

After hitting his goal, he headed to Pin Oak in Manchester Thursday night to fulfill his promise. A crowd watched as Young ate one bug right after another.

Another $500 was raised at Thursday night’s Holiday Food Challenge, with some of the crowd-goers throwing down money as they challenged each other to try the bugs too.

A total of $1600 was raised for Operation Santa Claus, which provides clothing, toys and other gifts to local children in need during the holidays.

You can find a video from Thursday night’s Holiday Food Challenge on our KMCH Facebook page.