Detailed Report of Special Investigation into City of Delhi

The State Auditor’s Office has conducted a special investigation into the City of Delhi, and the report released Tuesday uncovered nearly $247,000 in improper and unsupported spending.

The special audit was requested by Delhi city officials. It covers records from March 2007 through January 2015.

The auditors say the improper disbursements included more than $88,000 in credit card charges for personal purchases by former city clerk Angie Billings, who left her post in January 2015. The purchases were made at several retailers such as Old Navy and other businesses and, according to the report, included 33 charges totaling nearly $2,000 to psychic hotlines.

The investigation also uncovered that the City of Delhi overbilled sewer customers nearly $257,000 for sewer service from April 2010 through April 2016. Delhi residents were charged $26 per month for their sewer service base rate instead of $10 per month. Although the City Council discussed increasing the base rate for sewer service from $10 to $26, the City Council never APPROVED a City ordinance reflecting the sewer rate change.

You can find the detailed report and the results of the investigation (all 242 pages) here: