Central City Woman Sentenced for Frauding Grandfather

A Central City woman who stole her grandfather’s identity to obtain credit cards in his name and make over $27,000 in purchases was sentenced Tuesday to 14 months in federal prison.

41-year old Jessica Roloson pleaded guilty in August to one count of Wire Fraud.  In a plea agreement, Roloson admitted that, from October 2015 through January 2016, knowing her grandfather’s social security number and date of birth, and living in his former home, she falsely assumed her grandfather’s identity and applied to various credit card companies for accounts under his name, social security number, and former address.  The credit card companies issued Roloson credit cards in her grandfather’s name.  Roloson used the credit cards on the Internet to fraudulently purchase goods for her own benefit and for the benefit of others.  She also made purchases in local stores.

Roloson is ordered to surrender to the United States Marshal on January 9th to begin her prison sentence.