Manchester Chamber Ambassadors Make Several Business Visits

The Manchester Chamber Ambassadors made several business visits last week.

The first stop was to Helping Services for Youth & Families on North Franklin Street. A recent grant allowed Helping Services to add additional staff and services centered around drug and alcohol prevention, which meant they needed to move into a larger space.

The next stop was Brides & Weddings to meet and welcome Caitlyn Scherbring, who is the new co-owner along with Jill Carpenter. Prom season is coming up, so they are gearing up to be very busy.

Finally, the Ambassadors met Kevin Smith, Executive Director at National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws, whose office is located at 100 ½ E Main Street, Suite C. The National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws is the successor to the President’s Commission on Model State Drug Laws. Created as a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation in 1993, and funded by Congressional appropriations since 1995, it provides non-partisan legislative and policy services to local, state, and federal stakeholders.


(photos courtesy of Manchester Chamber)