Aunt Emmy’s Opens Today in Downtown Manchester


Aunt Emmy’s opens today in downtown Manchester.

Emily Kelchen’s cupcake business has been extremely popular among local residents since she started selling her treats four years ago. She’s been baking all those goodies in her rural Manchester home, but that’s about to change today. You can now get her famous cupcakes and cookies in a storefront – and not just any storefront. Aunt Emmy’s has purchased The Coffee Den on North Franklin Street.

The name is changing from The Coffee Den to Aunt Emmy’s Bakery, Coffee House and Cupcakes. But, Kelchen says much of the coffee and lunch menu will stay the same.

The big difference will be the addition of a bakery – though expanding the business means there will be a couple changes in that area too.

Aunt Emmy’s is also bringing a new look to the former Coffee Den building. Kelchen has expanded the kitchen, so the large meeting table will be moved to a different spot. And you’ll also notice some different colors and the addition of barnwood to the décor.

Kelchen says she’s had a lot of help getting the place ready to open. Local residents have been anxiously waiting – and she appreciates their enthusiasm.

Large group delivery and fundraising options are also available. You can find more information about Aunt Emmy’s Bakery, Coffee House and Cupcakes on Facebook or online at


(photo and image courtesy of Aunt Emmy’s Bakery, Coffee House and Cupcakes Facebook page)