Sen. Zumbach Introduces Alternative Plan on Traffic Cameras

A bill that would ban traffic cameras cleared its first hurdle in the senate this week.

On Thursday, ANOTHER bill that would allow the cameras but direct the traffic fines to road maintenance, has emerged from a subcommittee. Senator Dan Zumbach of Ryan is working on the legislation.

Zumbach, who is a farmer, has driven semi loads of grain through downtown Cedar Rapids on I-380 for two decades and he says appreciates the speed cameras that are placed there.

Speed cameras were installed in 2010 along the “S curve” of I-380 through downtown Cedar Rapids. Wayne Jerman, the chief of police in Cedar Rapids, says that stretch of interstate “is not safe for traditional traffic enforcement.”

Des Moines Police Chief Dana Wingert says the traffic cameras along Interstate 235 that cuts through Des Moines are placed because of design issues, too.

One senator who supports traffic cameras suggests the pending legislation could require a warning, not a fine, the first time a vehicle is caught on camera running a red light or speeding.


(story courtesy of Radio Iowa)