State Basketball, The National Anthem, And Alligator Sandwiches

First of all, Congratulations to the North Linn Lynx on their third place finish at the 1A State Basketball tournament. A pat on the back to the Lynx girls team, and the Cascade boys and girls teams as well. We appreciate all of the listener and advertiser support as we covered your team throughout the tournaments!

This school year has been one of great memories as my two boys Isaac and Sam get ready to graduate.  Although neither of them became basketball players, they are both friends to many of the players on the West Delaware basketball team.  It has been a pleasure watching that group of seniors grow into not only exceptional athletes, but also fine young men. I know each and everyone of them has a great future ahead of them.   And I’m really looking forward to following the younger Hawks as they lead the future Hawk teams.

As we watched the Hawks in the semi-final game at Wells Fargo Arena Thursday night, I couldn’t help but think about that Saturday night in March of 2000 when I was running the control board for Bill Logan and Kevin Schuchmann while they called the Class 3A Championship match that included current West Delaware Head Coach Matt Uthoff.  And of course, Bill was there Thursday night with Jon Swisher bringing you the semi-final  game here on KMCH.  I really want to thank those two, Jamie Vaske, Roger Reed, Kevin and a whole bunch of other people that make our sports broadcast department the best in the state of Iowa.

Did you know that West Delaware students sang the National Anthem on four different occasions during the Boy’s State Tournament?  We are always talking about the performance of the athletes on the court or field and I frequently mention the performances of the talented musicians at West Delaware, but I want to tip the hat once again to Duane Philgreen for showing those students how important it is to keep the respect of The Star Spangled Banner alive.  And yeah, the musical arrangements he comes up with for each group is pretty darn special too.

Then there was the gator.  Never had it before and tried it at a place called “Buzzard Billy’s” in Des Moines before the game Thursday night.  It really does taste like chicken.