“Ag in the Classroom” Introduced in Delaware & Buchanan Counties

The Delaware and Buchanan County Farm Bureaus are introducing a new ag program as an education tool.

It’s called “Ag in the Classroom” and it’s a resource teachers can use to incorporate agriculture into their everyday lessons. Shelby Schaefers was hired last fall to get the program started.

Schaefers can tie in agriculture with a variety of subjects being taught in the classroom – whether it’s science, social studies or geography. Along with learning about where different foods are grown, students have also learned about soil erosion, discussed the history of farm machines and played a virtual farming simulation game to understand sustainable agriculture.

Right now, “Ag in the Classroom” is just offered to schools, but Schaefers hopes to expand the program to daycamps this summer.

Teachers who are interested in incorporating “Ag in the Classroom” into their classrooms can contact Shelby at 319-334-2562.

(photos courtesy of Shelby Schaeffers)