HS Sports: Results From Monday Night 4-17

By Jon Swisher-Sports Director:

Maquoketa Valley hosted their annual Wildcat Invitational in Delhi last night. The 15-team meet was won by Cascade with 126 points, Decorah was 2nd with 120, Monticello was 3rd with 91.3. Clayton Ridge was 4th with 38, West Delaware and Jesup placed in a tie for 5th with 30 points. Maquoketa Valley was 7th with 28, 8th was Springville with 24, Alburnett was 9th with 22.3, Central Elkader was 10th with 21, Central City 11th with 18, North Linn 12th with 17, Ed-Co scored 13 for 13th place, Starmont 14th with 10.3 points, Western Dubuque in 15th with 0.

Team and individual results for area coverage teams listed below:

800 Sprint Medley:

2nd- Monticello 1:51.63

3rd- Cascade 1:51.79

4th- West Delaware 1:55.84

3000 Meter Run:

1st- Kelchen of Cascade 11:22.39

4th- Patterson of Monticello 11:48.58

5th- Larabee of Monticello 11:55.76

4×800 Meter Relay:

1st- Cascade 9:56.87

3rd- Monticello 10:30.52

Shuttle Hurdle Relay:

1st- Cascade 1:06.54

3rd- Monticello 1:10.95

4th- Maquoketa Valley 1:12.71

5th- North Linn 1:14.15

6th- Ed-Co 1:15.25

100 Meter Dash-

3rd- Edwards of Monticello 13.35

5th- McElmeel of Cascade 13.43

6th- Aulwes of Ed-Co 13.49

Distance Medley-

1st- Monticello 4:26.21

2nd- West Delaware 4:31.50

4th- Maquoketa Valley 4:34.22

6th- North Linn 4:47.73

400 Meter Dash-

4th- Ballou of Monticello 1:07.48

5th- Collier of West Delaware 1:08.51

6th- Shaffer of Cascade 1:08.66

4×200 Meter Relay:

1st- Cascade 1:47.77

4th- North Linn 1:53.64

6th- West Delaware 1:56.97

100 Meter Hurdles:

1st- Tucker of Cascade 15.71

3rd- Green of Cascade 16.86

4th- Moellers of Starmont 17.03

5th- Orcutt of Maquoketa Valley 17.17

6th- Recker of Monticello 17.31

800 Meter Run:

1st Holub of Monticello 2:19.86

2nd- McDermott of Cascade 2:22.25

6th- Fannon of Ed-Co 2:43.04

200 Meter Dash:

4th- McElmeel of Cascade 27.55

5th- Wall of Maquoketa Valley 27.58

400 Meter Hurdles:

4th- Tucker of Cascade 1:10.34

5th- Orcutt of Maquoketa Valley 1:13.90

6th- Anderson of Monticello 1:14.89

1500 Meter Run:

1st- Gadient of Monticello 4:52.46

2nd- Rhomberg of Cascade 4:58.39

3rd- Patterson of Monticello 5:13.59

4×100 Meter Relay:

1st- Cascade 50.44

4th- West Delaware 53.24

5th- Ed-Co 53.29

6th- Monticello 53.32


1st- Cascade 4:08.58

3rd- Monticello 4:15.61

4th- Maquoketa Valley 4:16.05

Shot Put:

1st- Ashley Tull of North Linn 37-2.25

4th- Haley Fitzpatrick of Ed-Co 35 feet

6th- Adajia Collins of West Delaware 34-00.25


1st- Sheehy of Maquoketa Valley 126-10

4th- Snavely of Starmont 94-7

5th- Gadient of Monticello 94 feet

Long Jump:

2nd- Koppes of Cascade 15-11 1/4

4th- Ronnebaum of Ed-Co 15-5 1/2

6th- Simon of Cascade 15-4

High Jump:

1st- Glanz of West Delaware 5 feet

2nd- Tucker of Cascade 5 feet

3rd- McDonough of Monticello 4-8

4th- Moellers of Starmont 4-6

4th- Schlarmann of Monticello 4-6


In West Delaware Girls Soccer, the Hawks hosted Solon at home and fell 11-0 in mercy rule fashion after the first half.

The West Delaware Boys Golf team defeated Beckman in Dyersville. Trent Shaw was the medalist with a 73 and Brandon Larsen was 2nd with a 75.