Congressman Blum Holds Town Hall Meeting in Dubuque

Last night, Republican Congressman Rod Blum held his first of several town hall meetings in Iowa’s First District, kicking off the series in Dubuque.

He was confronted by a loud crowd of constituents. Blum acknowledged the partisan divide at the end of his town hall event, saying “most of” the thousand or so people sitting in the bleachers probably didn’t like “a single thing” he said.

Blum’s recent vote for the American Health Care Act was a flash point last night.

Blum said the process had been “bad,” but congress had to do “something” because many Americans who’ve gotten insurance through the ObamaCare marketplace won’t be able to buy it next year.

People in the crowd were given tickets. Numbers were drawn and those who asked questions were chosen at random. The gym erupted when one questioner challenged Blum to refuse campaign donations from a pair of Oklahoma billionaires.

Blum told the crowd his town hall meetings are official congressional events and he couldn’t answer political questions. Dallas Knapp, a Loras College senior who was the last person called upon last night, asked Blum why he had “stormed away” from an interview earlier Monday with KCRG-TV9 when their investigative reporter asked the Congressman if he would still take donations from a Republican outside of his district.

Blum said he’d been told the interview would be about Dubuque’s “Dream Center”, which serves “underprivileged kids.”

Blum has another town hall meeting scheduled for tonight in the gym at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids at 7 pm. He’ll have one Wednesday night in the Cedar Falls High School gym at 7 pm and the final one on Thursday at noon in the gym at Marshalltown Community College.


(story courtesy of Radio Iowa; photo courtesy of Congressman Blum’s Facebook page)